I think working with brides and couples, and becoming one yourself, are two completely different things. I thought I knew everything there was to know about weddings, what they cost, how they run, etc, etc. Although I had a much better grasp on all of that than most brides who are not somehow connected to the wedding business, I learned a lot from being a bride.

Embrace the things you can’t control.

The Top 3 Things I learned from being a Bride

1. No Matter what your budget is, the one thing you can’t buy is the weather.

Weather is just one of those things that cannot be persuaded, changed, or bought. It rained on my wedding day, and the day after it was gorgeous out.

2. Embrace the things you can’t control.

Notice I said embrace. Brett and I are pretty laid back, but towards the end of the planning, I tried to control a bunch of things that couldn’t, nor should have been controlled. So, I embraced them instead. And, in the end I was happier.

3. Do what YOU want to do.

Want to have a sailboat wedding? Fly to an island? City Hall? Everyone will have an opinion on what it is you want to do for your wedding. Go for what’s best for you. In the end, all that matters is that the two of you are making a commitment to each other. And honestly, everyone else will eventually get onboard too.

And now, here are a few faves from our wedding.