Before the wedding day, I ask that my brides have all three rings with them while they are getting ready. Traditionally, the groom or the best man will carry the wedding bands the morning before the ceremony, and while that may seem like a good idea, it’s better for the bride to carry all three rings. Which brings me to today’s post.

Three reasons why the bride should have the rings:

1. More time efficient:

Your photographer wants to photograph as many of the details before the ceremony as possible. Including the rings. Having the rings during the bridal prep time makes it easier and more time efficient to grab those shots.

2. Completing the Story:

As photographers, we love to tell stories. Pairing the rings with your invitation, perfume, other jewelry, bouquets, etc, during the time you are getting ready allows for a more complete story to be told.

3. Lighting:

The morning and afternoon light is much more appeasing than the light at night, or light during a reception. Having the rings together allows your photographer to use ambient lighting to make those babies sparkle.

Not everything goes to plan, so it’s not always feasible to have all three rings. It just allows more time for your photographer to get creative with telling your story. Most of us double as ninjas and can get the shot even under the craziest of circumstances!