There is something about giving out my number and telling my brides to text me about anything that just feels RIGHT. Every single couple that comes my way, every meeting I take, I tell the couple this- Feel free to text me. Don’t wait until you have a list of questions. If you have even just one question, text me.

1. I want my couples to know that I am accessible.

Photographing someone is a big deal. It’s personal. Because of that, I want my couples to feel like they can text, call, email, or wave a flag and get my attention. If they have a question or want to get in touch, I want them to be able to. Most times responding to a text is much easier than an email. When my brides text me, it opens up a line of communication. The better they feel about me and the more open our line of communication is, the better the photos will be.

2. I’m here, not just as a photographer, but as someone in the wedding industry that can help.

Couples planning their wedding pick a date, a venue, and then (more than likely) their photographer. I get countless questions regarding other vendors and who I recommend for floral design, entertainment, and catering. My brides should be able to ask the advice of someone who has experience with different vendors and different locations/venues.

3. Friendship

I’m going to be honest here. Photographs make us feel. After spending time meeting couples, opening up that line of communication, spending time together at the engagement shoot and wedding day, as well as the overall experience I provide, there’s a pretty solid friendship foundation between us. I have made friends with many of our couples over the years. We’ve even had many of them over for dinner and game nights. It’s only natural after all of that time together working towards creating something beautiful on one of the biggest milestone events, that I will end up friends with some of my brides.