Welcome Momma!

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your upcoming newborn session!

Thank you for selecting Jenna Rose Photography to document the first moments of your child's life. Our goal is to provide out clients with a calming, laid back photography experience, great images of your little love/s, and a variety of luxury products, all at an affordable price.

We've learned over the years, what makes our clients happy, we aim to make you feel comfortable and at home, as we capture those first expressions and tiny details from your little love. We have the knowledge and experience to safely handle your baby with delicate care. Please read through this guide to view ideas, information and tips to help you feel prepared. 

Be sure to contact us with questions at info@jennarosesarosi.com

Twenty Four- Forty Eight Hours After Birth

Enjoy this time. Take in every second, scent, sound and movement of your newest bundle! Arrange for someone, whether it be Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle, etc to reach out to us by text or email to announce baby's arrival. This is important as things move fast and the sooner we know about baby, the better prepared Jenna will be for the session. Keep in touch about your discharge plans and return home and we will set the session date for when we know you will be home! 

At this time we will email you a Newborn Questionnaire to get to know baby. We totally understand how busy life is after baby arrives but completing this Questionnaire in a timely manner will allow us to prepare for your session.

Two-Four Days After Birth

Reach out to Jenna to schedule session date. Remember, this will fall on a weekday! 

Plan to arrange the session within 7-14 days after birth. If baby is being breastfed, having the session closer to 10-14 days will allow baby more time to adjust to a good feeding schedule.

Allow up to 4 hours for the session. Although we aim for 2-3 hours, every baby is different and may need to allow for more often feedings or soothing. 

Make arrangements for siblings + pets to be taken away from the studio when they're no long needed for photos. If older siblings are in school, it might be best to have them take a day off or you can arrange for someone to pick-up or drop off for a half day. Let us know what their school schedule is and we will do our best to schedule a time that works best for everyone!

Preparing for The Studio

Aim to keep baby awake for 1 hour prior to the session. This will help ensure baby is sleeping throughout the session. It's okay if baby falls asleep in car on the way in, please don’t stress.

Plan to feed baby a full feeding at the studio unless your total commute time is less than 20 minutes. Do not give baby a full feeding within 2 hours session start time.

Please dress baby in an outfit with a zipper and a loose diaper- only loose enough to prevent red marks on the skin without hazmat spillage. After baby is fed and asleep an outfit that has to be pulled over their head to be undressed will likely wake them. 

What to pack: Diapers, Milk, Pacifier, Baby. I use Pampers sensitive wipes in the studio but if you prefer something different please bring them along. Even if baby doesn't usually use a pacifier please bring one as it can sometimes help baby settle into a pose. I have bottled waters if you need some for formula as well as a bottle warmer and I have a refrigerator to store extra breast milk during the session (please bring your pump if you’re a pumping Mama - we don’t always know how long the session will take and we don’t want you getting engorged!). I also keep extra Pampers diapers in the studio so if you remember halfway here you forget them, don't stress! 

Feel free to bring yourself lunch or snacks and pack something for older siblings in case baby doesn't settle as quickly as we'd like it's nice to have something for their attention. Please don't bring anything that sibling is addicted to (iPads or favorite toy) as it's makes it harder to take it away when we need their attention. It might be best to keep these items in the car and use as bribery in exchange for good attention and they can have when we are finished. I do keep children's books and light snacks in studio if you forget something. 

Pack a change of clothes for Mom or Dad if you plan on staying around for the duration of the session. I heat my studio to about 80 degrees for the comfort of naked baby so it will get hot in here and you are welcome to change into something more comfortable.

I know that’s a lot but if you can't remember to put your shoes on, just don't forget baby! 

The Session

Once you arrive to the building, you may park in the back of the building. Please text me if you need directions finding the studio in the building. We are located on the second floor in Suite 1 and I'll likely have my door open waiting for you. 

If baby needs to be feed again, we will do this first. 

First, baby will have their solo session on the beanbag. If you have requested naked booty photos those go first. Then the diaper goes back on for light wraps, headbands, hats, ect. for 5-6 Beanbag poses, 3-4 close up details, 3 Props, 1 Flokati. If baby is unsettled these will be wrapped up but if baby is doing well we can pose them. I will have options for you based on how you answer your Questionnaire and from what you see in the studio. These will be selected based off my style of work but you are welcome to give your input, too! If you have your own props you wish to include, these must be discussed prior to the session and we will do our best to include them in the session.

For Newborn Mini Sessions: we aim to shoot these posed but baby may be wrapped for some shots if they don’t settle in the short amount of time we have. 2 Beanbag poses, 2 Props, 1 Flokati. Then your session is done.

For Newborn Wrapped Sessions baby will be swaddled in 3 wraps for the entire session. 2 Beanbag poses (wrap color #1), 2 Props (wrap color #2), 1 Flokati (wrap color #3).

Sibling photos (if applicable) will go next. Please plan to have siblings arrive to the studio 1 hour into the session. If needed we have a waiting area with toys, books, light snacks + a tv with a dvd player, so feel free to bring a favorite or pick from one we have in the studio! While we do have a waiting area, it can be quite boring to sit and not make distracting noises for hours at a time while we work on baby's photos. Depending on the age of older sibling we will determine if they can hold baby standing, sitting or if we will have them lay on their back next to baby for photos.

Lastly, we do family photos. Mom’s will only see your top half so Mom's totally go for the yoga pants - as if you really were going to choose something else. Dad's can also take it easy on the pants. Taller dads we might still see the top of your pants if you tuck your shirt but if you're the same height as Mom, the images are only going to be from waist up.  Parent photos will be on a dark wood or neutral colored backdrop. It's best to wear neutral colored clothes such as white & cream but feel free to wear a pop of color! You can always send us pictures of your outfit ideas for suggestions. I do keep a couple of dresses and tops for Mom to wear if you'd prefer one of my tops. You can decide that on the day of once you see them if you'd like to change.

Depending on how often baby is feeding and how well they are sleeping, we may have to break for feedings. If you would like to step out for lunch or take a break please leave some milk in the studio for me to "top-off" baby to help them settle back to sleep.

The studio has a waiting area with a couch aimed for viewing. Please feel free to get comfortable and we ask that you remain in the waiting area during the session. While you are welcome to come visit and get a closer look from time to time, please avoid hovering as baby can sense you are near. You can also take "behind the scene" photos during the session, but please do not be in our way or disrupt the process of the session. If you do post any photos on Social Media, I ask that you please "check-in" or tag our Facebook or Instagram pages. I love photos of me working with the little loves so if you happen to capture any please share!

If I do not have an assistant with me at the session, I may ask for an extra hand of help for baby's safety. 

I often take short videos and photos from my cell phone during the session to capture behind the scene action. If you have denied the Model Release, these images won't be used.  Sometimes I might share a Facebook or Instagram Live broadcast of a sneak behind the scene of our session.

Studio Rules

No shoes on any backdrops. Little hands touch these floors and we prefer to keep them clean and sanitized. If you'd like for an older sibling to wear shoes, please bring a pair of clean shoes, not ones they wear walking into to the building.

Parents and guests are welcome to make themselves comfortable in the waiting area. While we welcome you to enjoy your time and experience here please don't hover over the Photographer in the shooting area. It makes it hard to settle baby when they know you're near.

Please help yourself to any snacks or drinks laid out or in the refrigerator. 

What to Expect

Booking your session you agree to the Photographer sharing images on social media, website & in print. You can keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages for a sneak peek. Please note, the images posted on Social Media are low resolution files. While you can use as a profile photo, please do not download these copies. Your gallery will include the high resolution file, please just wait! 

After your session the Photographer with carefully select the best images from your session to hand edit. When the gallery is complete we will email you the link to download your images. Feel free to share the link with friends and family who want to view your images. You will need to use your email address to access your digital images & download. If you log in with a different email address, you will not be able to download. You can also choose to purchase from one of our luxury collections, or A'la Carte for additional prints, or other items.


Your online viewing gallery will expire 14 days from its launch and automatically will be archived after this limit. If you need more time, please let us know and we will extend the gallery. There will be a $75 retrieval fee for us to access the archive and re-load into a gallery after it expires so please be sure to make any final purchases before the expiration date!

When you download your images, you will also receive a Print Release which will allow you to print your images wherever you choose. 

If you are a Facebook user, log on and "like" our page. Feel free to tag yourself or share any Sneak Peeks. If you share our images on Social Media, we ask that you please "tag" or "check-in" to our page otherwise please provided textual credit such as "Photo Credit: Jenna Rose Photography". You can refer to our Contract or ask us for more information on what is and is not allowed. 

We can't wait to work with you and capture these special first moments with your little love!

Thank you for choosing Jenna Rose Photography!

xoxo, Jenna Rose